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About Online Therapy

What Do I Need to Know About Online Therapy?

Online therapy can be a great way of accessing support for anyone who may struggle to attend sessions in person.  However, it brings with it additional privacy and security concerns, which you should consider first.

The video conferencing platform I have chosen is secure, and fully encrypted.  However, you will need to ensure certain things are in place at your end, too, in order to work as securely and confidentially as possible.  These include:

  • Ensuring the space you choose for our sessions is private, and that you cannot be overheard, or seen. 

  • Ensuring you have up-to-date firewalls on the device you are using, and that the device is password-protected with a strong password.


It is important that you are also aware that, no matter how well we prepare, there is always the possibility of technical hitches, or disruption due to internet issues.

If you are considering online therapy, please click on the 'Online Info' button below for more detailed information about what is involved. ​ Click on 'Preparing For Your Session' for some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your online session and how to optimise your privacy.

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