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My Approach

How I Work

Therapy provides an opportunity for you to reflect on what is troubling you away from the usual distractions of everyday life.  


As your therapist, I aim to be gently curious with you about your thoughts and feelings with a view to uncovering the ways in which some of them may be contributing to your distress.  In time, as you come to understand yourself more fully, you are likely to find it easier to spot, and let go of, unhelpful 'ways of being'.

I will support you in identifying your inner resources as we explore how you can draw on them to gain more control over your emotions so that you feel less overwhelmed.

Being in therapy can, at times, feel challenging.  This is normal and shows that you are engaged in the process.  As your therapist my focus is on supporting you, as we work together, from a position of non-judgmental and compassionate curiosity.  


I believe each client is unique and so I aim to tailor each therapy to suit you, the individual.  I see therapy as a joint endeavour to which I bring my theoretical and clinical experience, and you bring your experience of being you.

If you would like to know more about the type of therapy I practise (Integrative Psychotherapy) please click here

If you can't find the information you're seeking on this website, please drop me a line.  I welcome the opportunity to answer any queries directly.  

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